Is Your Professional Life A Contradiction In Terms?

Sometimes the professional life can be a terrible paradox – all profession and very little life.


You start off doing something you love and gives you real satisfaction, you become a success and you enjoy the money, only to discover it has become a hungry monster that you need to keep feeding.


You set up in business, or take on a career, to give yourself more time to be with your family or do something that’s really important to you…only to find you’re still working crazy hours and have no life.


Perhaps you find yourself thinking ‘this isn’t what I signed up for’. Or maybe you’ve lost your sense of purpose. Or maybe you find old patterns keep repeating.


I’m Dr Jane Lewis, and I work with stressed-out, high performing professionals (especially women) who want to take back control of their life. Perhaps there’s something missing, or something holding them back. After burning out of corporate life, I spent years looking for ways to experience real joy and satisfaction in my life, while having a sustainable business. I learned that it’s all about what goes on in the inside: how you think, what you believe about yourself and the world around you, how you connect with yourself and with others, and what you really value. What some people call spirituality, but in a practical way.


That’s what this site is all about. If you’d like to know more, or talk to me in person, please drop me a message.


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